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Her name stands for “sweet and lovable,” given by the mother of this singer, songwriter, actress, host and record label owner. The artist known as SAYONNE (pronounced: SIGH-ON) worked her way through the music and entertainment industries, landing a successful 2019 hit, “2 Worlds (Remember).” Now she has a hot new single, “Hot Sauce,” as well as an album that is forthcoming!

During her early years in the music industry Sayonne spent time nurturing and developing her craft. It was in those days where she made her first debut into the starlight with an original Gospel tune, “I Need You,” for the compilation, ‘Lord Just Me and You.’ Sayonne continued in the path of inspirational music – writing/recording “Dream Big,” ”Reaching,” and an anti-cyber-bullying tune, “Taken Over.”

Coming from a close-knit family who’ve supported her dreams throughout her journey, Sayonne made her artist debut with her hit fusion song and music video “6 (Ignited).” Sayonne is the product of hard-working immigrants who migrated to the United States from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. In her music video, ‘6 (Ignited)’ she made sure to pay homage to her Caribbean roots and heritage.

While in college, Sayonne studied musical theater and after earning her BFA degree, she dived right into stage work on national and regional platforms. Sayonne held starring roles in productions of Dreamgirls, Hairspray and the Off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors.