Digital Marketing tips for 2021

Are you looking for best digital marketing tips for your local or global business?

It’s the start of 2021 For Digital Marketing, and what is the overarching theme you’ve been observing? 

People just want to invest in a better version of themselves. Self-improvement and life-enrichment are on the forefront of your potential client’s minds. You’ve heard the resolutions, and maybe made some of your own; but how exactly do you apply this mindset to your digital marketing strategy? We culminated a list of digital marketing tips for how to make your marketing more effective than ever this year. 

Tell a Story: Story telling is more relevant than ever in a competitive economy where the only way to choose between two products is whichever “speaks” to you more. People make decisions based on emotions, and engaging and relatable storytelling can help your potential customers connect with your product and/or your brand on a more personal level. Transparency and authenticity is key if you want to convince them that what you’re advertising will add value to their lives.

Let Your Target Audience Market for You: According to statistics, 92% of consumers trust recommendations they get from friends and family. This strategy works great in boosting legitimacy and trust in the eyes of a consumer base who is becoming increasingly wary of gimmicks and paid endorsements. Consumers are more informed than ever, and they are scrutinizing every ad they come into contact with for authenticity and personal value. That is why using your already-existing customers or followers to market for you can be extremely effective. People trust the people they know (or at least ‘know’ through Facebook) more than an ad that pops into their feed. You can integrate this into your business by getting in touch with your customers after they have had a chance to use your product or service and ask them for a review. You can publish this review on your website, making sure to include a name and/or photo. This approach works for companies who don’t want to spend large sums of money on paid influencer endorsements and are confident enough in the unique value of their product/brand to rely on prompted positive reviews.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Micro-Influencers: Not everyone has the kind of budget to pay for an endorsement from a high-profile celebrity with 1M followers. But this can work in your favor. There is a downside to major influencers who extensively advertise, which is the distrust that can grow among buyers. A micro-influencer with a more niche following is likely to be better connected to their audience and will have a more authentic and effective impact on potential buyers.

Get on the AI Train: Artificial intelligence is gaining traction in all spheres of the digital world, and companies that invest in it are likely to reap the profits on a more efficient and effective marketing model. Chatbots can dramatically increase the number of requests, complaints or comments that are responded to, and this kind of customer engagement is vital in building a strong online presence. In the future, the use of artificial intelligence for online maps and GPS linking, as well as Voice Search, will replace traditional approaches in SEO.

The most important takeaway from this: there really are no rigid rules you must follow to have an effective digital marketing plan. What works for one brand won’t work for everyone, and you have to put the effort in to find the combination of strategies that will work for your company and attract your target consumers.