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What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is globally one of the largest social media platforms and has become the key to various advantages in advertising. 

In today’s world of online marketing, where we can get anything from the tip of our finger, advertising through Facebook is easier than ever. Facebook is home to over 3 billion active users. Just thinking about the number, we can only imagine the infinite prospects of ways this particular social media can serve its purpose. Once you get to know more about it, you will understand that Facebook is a great place to advertise your business. 

If you are a businessman, your priority should be to reach the targeted audiences. And what better way to do so than taking your advertisement online with the help of Facebook Ads? Sure, the more people you reach, the more chances to get potential customers, but quality always tops quantity. With the innovative features that Facebook Ads provides, you won’t believe the lengths it can help you to reach. Facebook always comes handy regarding targeting desired audiences to increase your customer base. Moreover, the results show that Facebook’s audience targeting feature itself brought in 10 million active advertisers. That’s a big powerful advertisement energy from a social media platform. 

Here, you will get to know all about the aspects that are there to Facebook Advertising. To utilize something, you need to know each and every aspect of it – only then can you make the best out of it.

Why is Facebook Advertising Important for your business?

There are tons of benefits you can gain by advertising through Facebook. Every other social media site reaps benefits through their advertisements, and so does Facebook. But, one thing is for sure, Facebook ads never disappoint. It is the kind of social advertisement site where people seldom get tired of shopping or entertainment. Although customers tend to get annoyed when they get interrupted by ads, they also pay attention to advertisements. You may not fully understand how a single advertisement can help you find potential customers, but these audiences matter very much. You may try to comprehend – how does a Facebook profile help you to develop your advertisement? It helps a lot, because through their profile, you will be able to recognize the kind of audiences you want to target. And through those profiles, you can build email lists, plus create further email advertisements as well. 

With all these features, you will think – how much does it cost to advertise on Facebook? With all of these perks, it sounds expensive. But in reality, you can tailor a Facebook budget to how much you can afford. Facebook actually provides results at an affordable cost.

How to create an advertising campaign on Facebook:

After getting to know about the structure and the benefits of Facebook Ads, it’s time you proceed to Facebook Ads campaign management and how to get started with it. To begin, let’s start with the steps to create one:


  • Be sure of your campaign’s objective. You will be offered several options to filter your choices. It is a very important decision, as it helps craft your ad campaign at the initial stage.
  • Name your ad campaign. It helps in branding your ads as well as your business. If you are running multiple campaigns at a time, then having a catchy name helps differentiate. It comes in handy when you try to analyze the different results of different campaigns. 
  • Select ad categories and determine the budget. Sometimes the budgets depend upon the type of ads you want to use like, simple ads, playable ads, or carousel ads. The more creative images you utilize, the more effective your marketing will be. It is also important to select words used to advertise products, which are also called keywords. But we will talk about that in further steps. 
  • After determining the categories you want to use, you will finally set up campaign biddings and budgets. In this section, you will have to carefully choose the budget, then schedule the duration of your campaign, and lastly the day of its ending. 
  • Select audience targeting. Selecting a targeted audience means you are getting targeted marketing leads. Such an important step shall not be missed, as it has the potential to bring in pre-qualified business opportunity leads. You can also determine keyword-targeted audiences through it. 
  • Set up location and placement of your campaign. But, you must keep in mind that not all advertisement content formats are available in every region. 
  • Finally, the last step, which is making your ads Live!

How much to advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

In the current world, Facebook and Instagram are dominating the internet. However, each platform is useful in its own unique way. Facebook can reach out to any sort of age group, while Instagram has limited access to age groups. It is always better to keep your options open when you start a business and plan to advertise your products, by utilizing both platforms, as each has unique but useful features of its own.

Then how expensive can it get to advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

The CPC (cost-per-click) of Instagram is $0.20-$2.00 and for Facebook averages at $0.97. The CPM (cost-per-impression) of Instagram is $6.70 and for Facebook is $7.19. The large scale of users these two social media platforms have gained throughout the years is vast, so you can only imagine how advertisers are making money from them, as two of the top social media platforms on the planet. 

These are the average costs to advertise on Instagram and Facebook. Especially during the pandemic, advertisers found these to be the most effective means of advertising products. Most importantly, they have the freedom to advertise their products as they wish.

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