49.95 Any Sewer or Drain


49.95 is a well established company with over 40 trucks. Due to high increase in competitors and copy cats 49.95 began to lose market share to these businesses who opened up under similar names and ran competing campaigns. The owners of the company had tried running multiple campaigns but had never succeeded in dominating the PPC arena.


3 Factors were extremely important in running campaigns for this business. The first being researching and finding the exact keywords we would need to bid on in order to effectively dominate the competition. 2nd, creating ads that would effectively eliminate competition by conveying to prospective customers that they were dealing with the original company and not copy-cat. 3rd, creating landing page experience that would allow for the highest conversion rate possible. As cost per clicks were high and profit margin was low, so wasted clicks were not an option. 


Within just 1 month, client secured over 1200 appointments that would’ve been lost to competitors and gain back a huge slice of the market share they had lost. The volume of appointments exceeded the clients’ expectations so greatly, that a revamp of the company is taking place in which we are working on fully automating the booking process through the website and even creating an app to shorten waiting times. The call-tracking software we installed also led to better training of the call staff as they were able to analyze the calls to create a better customer experience.

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