Facebook Ads Case Study for Accessories
Brand E-Commerce Client


This case study is for a seller of unique bags, backpacks, masks, and apparel made from sustainable materials.

Pre-Covid lockdowns, this client had great success with pop-up shops, and although they dabbled in e-commerce, they never really spent the time and focus on their Facebook Ads since they were doing so well with their shops. In mid 2020, we began helping the client build up brand awareness and website sales, since that obviously became their main focus.


  • Launched niche funnel campaigns focused on bringing traffic to the e-commerce site
  • Built out custom audiences for ad delivery
  • Developed new creative and custom content
  • Implemented custom campaign structure


Started out with a small budget, and by month 2 we had already scaled and doubled that initial investment

Spent $1,096.61 over 3 months

Reach – 75,749

ROAS started at just over 3X and scaled to 4.3X, which is well above what the client had expected

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