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Client was looking to find an alternative to expensive leads they had been generating through real estate sales platforms such as zillow.


We immediately began using the clients’ inventory of homes for sale to create an audience on Facebook/Instagram that converted well through a lead generation campaign. We then used that audience to build an even larger audience with high similarities to those who had been converting in order to secure more leads at a lower Cost Per Acquisition.

The newest challenge arrived post COVID-19 quarantine and business closures. To combat this issue, we created new Facebook campaigns and a series of short commercial videos to be displayed as Youtube ads as well, aiming to generate E-mail opt-ins with the goal of maximizing future bookings.


  • 10X increase in traffic to their site and amount of bookings 
  • Dozens of opt-ins weekly to their e-mail campaigns where we offer offers and promotions on future bookings 
  • Limitations due to the strict Google Ad Grants guidelines led to Safe Rides spending about 5% of their sponsored budget prior to partnering with us. We are consistently spending over 90% of this budget despite not being allowed to surpass a $4 cost per click in an arena where competition drives cost per clicks upwards of $20.

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