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What they wanted:

Ken Lehat had been running Google Ads for years, but always noticed 2 things, first that he wasn’t getting enough leads, second, that when he was getting leads the vast majority of them were irrelevant to his business. Those are the 2 goals that the client set from us from the start.

Who they are:

Ken Lehat is a trusted FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program) agent, specializing in assisting businesses with importing goods into the US. With expertise in regulatory compliance and food safety standards, Ken Lehat offers comprehensive FSVP services to ensure that imported products meet the necessary requirements. From documentation assistance to supplier verification, Ken Lehat provides personalized support to streamline the import process and ensure compliance with US regulations, allowing businesses to import goods confidently and efficiently.

Key Opportunities

What we did:

After auditing this account we quickly found a few key issues that needed to be resolved. The campaigns were created in a way that allowed Google way too much wiggle room, leading to completely irrelevant search terms dominating the account. Without proper conversion tracking they weren’t even able to see what was working and what wasn’t in the account. There wasn’t any optimization being done by the current agency they had been working with all these years. In this case it was more beneficial to start from scratch as the campaign they had been running was far from salvageable, so we installed conversion tracking, and built out Single-keyword-ad-group (SKAG) search campaigns with a highly targeting audience. This proved very beneficial as the high quality leads began coming in, and the low-quality leads were nowhere to be found. After working with us for 2 years we gained the client’s trust enough for him to add on SEO as another service we provided to them.
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