Love Loren


Love Loren was looking to scale their business and expand into Google PPC Ads. The brand was already popular but wanted to gain more customers in areas other than Facebook and Instagram ads.


Multiple Google Ads campaigns were created using search, display, remarketing and Google Shopping. The more profitable campaigns were then scaled to allow for even more growth. The use of retargeting allowed us to take advantage of the healthy amount of volume that was already entering the site, as well as the clicks our campaigns had been generating in order to “catch” warm leads.


Over a period of 2 ½ years and counting, we managed to average a 5X Return On
Ad Spend, across our campaigns. There is much potential for growth with these margins as we continue to scale the campaigns month over month. Our new customers also allowed Love Loren to build an even larger customer base, which is heavily targeted during the holiday & summer seasons.  

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