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Medical Ear Piercing


What they wanted:

With locations across New York and New Jersey, MEP needed a high volume of leads for an affordable price. The main challenge they had been dealing with is irrelevant leads that were looking for the more affordable option of piercing their/their children’s ears, and people looking to pierce other parts of their bodies which they did not perform either. They were looking for a very specific audience that wanted the piercings for the children done but a training professional, and were willing to pay the higher price that service came with.

Who they are:

Medical Ear Piercing offers safe and hygienic ear piercing services performed by trained professionals. With a commitment to providing a comfortable and sterile environment, they specialize in pediatric and adult ear piercing using medical-grade techniques and hypoallergenic materials. Whether it’s for fashion or cultural traditions, Medical Ear Piercing ensures a seamless and worry-free experience for clients seeking to adorn their ears with confidence.

Key Opportunities

What we did:

We created Single-keyword-ad-group campaigns with very specific keywords to mitigate low quality search volume that was irrelevant to their business. We also built out landing pages for them that further explained their services and pricing so that potential customers knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. We also set up a prospecting and retargeting campaign through Meta Ads to retarget their website traffic as well as introduce their services to an audience that had no idea that something like this even existed. Since there was some education that had to take place we directed video ads that would explain to these prospects the benefits of having their children’s ears pierced by a trained professional.
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