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New Hyde Park Dental is a dental office that had used multiple other digital marketing agencies to try and generate an online presence and grow the amount of new monthly patients booking appointments. They had already had a website built, but it was lacking in content and calls to action.


We approached this in 2 ways: organic and PPC. The idea behind this campaign was to attract as many warm leads as possible and drive as many relevant phone calls to the office as we could. We also needed to dominate the organic rankings in their area to attract as much attention as possible to their office. Since New Hyde Park Dental was using other methods to attract patients, such as advertising on Yelp, we also needed to give them a way to differentiate between patients that had come in through our efforts. 


New Hyde Park Dental is consistently bringing in 40-50 new patients per month using our marketing strategy, these patients range from general dentistry to more expensive procedures such as full mouth reconstruction, dental implants, and veneers. They are ranking on the first page results of Google for 15X the amount of keywords as they were prior to signing on with us, leading to a 50% increase in organic traffic year over year. 

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