Rocky Rinker


What they wanted:

Rocky Rinker is a real estate attorney, specializing in partition action cases. This ultra-niche sector of real estate law has very little search volume, as most potential clients don’t even know how to search for it exactly, and once they do, the competition is very high. Rocky wanted to dominate this industry in the Florida Market.

Who they are:

Rocky Rinker is committed to offering professional legal advice in all facets of real estate transactions and civil litigation. Rocky Rinker is the top real estate law practice in Florida. We are your dependable partners in navigating the complexity of real estate lawbecause we place a great emphasis on expertise, experience, and individualized attention.

Key Opportunities

What we did:

New campaigns had to be created that were both hyper-targeted and allowed enough of the search volume to come in so that we can take over the highest percentage we could of the market for his keywords. Over the course of a few months Rocky went from barely ever showing up for the correct keywords and dealing with lots of irrelevant prospects to having his sales team thank him and Tenlee Media for putting the highest volume of high quality prospects they had ever seen.
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