Sayonne - Musician


Sayonne is an up-and-coming label owner, singer-songwriter, and actress that came to us looking for greater exposure and to help build her brand. She is very active on social media and wanted this to play a big part in our campaign strategy.


We decided to attack Sayonne’s challenge with a multi-directional approach through the use of Facebook and Instagram Ads. It went as follows:
  • Building an audience using the creative content Sayonne received great organic awareness off of. 
  • Creating a meme campaign with about 20 different memes, all used to promote her single “Hot Sauce” with creative content/imagery and her single playing in the background 
  • Campaign for subscribers
  • Creating higher engagement with her Instagram and Youtube channel through the use of lead generation campaigns, all targeted at gaining subscribers by offering a sneak peek at her unreleased single’s.  
  • Another campaign we created was meant to boost listen’s for her newest single on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud


Reached over 1 million people per week through ad campaigns

Have brought over 3,000 clicks per week to her website 

Have gained over 500 new email subscribers per week

Tens of thousands of listens and video views per month 

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