Unique Auto Depot


Unique Auto Depot is an auto parts and accessories online retailer with over half a million products and are very well known in their industry. Their paid marketing efforts through paid, social and organic traffic had declined. Therefore they were looking to sign on a new agency.


We had discovered multiple issues with their paid campaigns that were eliminated and multiple new campaigns were created, we completely revamped their social marketing efforts and poured countless hours into rebuilding their current organic rankings as well as finding potential for new areas to dominate.


Within the first 6 months of partnering up with Tenlee Media, Unique Auto Depot saw 900% increase across their marketing efforts, with their ROAS surpassing 1100%. In the owner’s words “The products were back to flying off the shelves.” The clients’ expectations were surpassed within the first 3 months of signing with us. New goals were given, which we exceeded as well.

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