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What they wanted:

Although they are a fairly established B2B brand, Waxy Flower was seeing nothing but negative ROI’s across all their marketing channels. Their top performing campaigns were on Google Ads, but even there they were struggling to make a positive return. Meta was an even bigger struggle as they could not get their ads up and running at all. So what they wanted was simple, build out a strategy on Google that would increase results so they can begin scaling, retarget their past traffic (which wasn’t being done at all at the time), and build our a Meta Ads strategy to both prospect new customers (which is usually very challenging when it comes to B2B) and retarget/upsell previous website traffic/purchasers.

Who they are:

Waxy Flower specializes in providing premium candle-making supplies tailored for businesses looking to produce and sell candles. With a focus on meeting the needs of candle-making entrepreneurs, Waxy Flower offers a comprehensive range of high-quality materials, including waxes, fragrances, molds, and tools. Trusted by businesses for their reliability and quality, Waxy Flower is the preferred supplier for those seeking to create and market their own line of candles.

Key Opportunities

What we did:

Step 1, get Meta ads up and running, we created campaigns focused on finding the right audiences and mitigating wasted spend on irrelevant ones. With B2B this isn’t always as easy on Meta since advertisers either go too broad, or run into an ultra-small audience that doesn’t deliver. Once we found their audience and began producing high ROAS’s, we scaled that budget. We also created retargeting campaigns with their top offers to bring back website traffic that had failed to purchase products while on the site. For Google Ads, we built out performance max campaigns and did what most agencies don’t, we OPTIMIZED these performance max campaigns. This lead to a high ROAS, and budget scaling as well.
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