Facebook Ads Case Study for Women’s
Accessories E-Commerce Client


This case study is for a unique women’s product that is easily available in the U.S., but is much more of a rarity in Mexico, where the company is located and sells its merchandise. 

We highly recommend watching our testimonial video from Sylvia, the owner of this company. This client is a great example of how even when you spend thousands on influencer marketing with posts from 1 million+ follower-influencers, sustainability comes from actually running a multi-tiered digital marketing campaign.


  • Launched niche funnel campaigns focused on bringing traffic to the e-commerce site
  • Built out custom audiences for ad delivery
  • Developed new creative and custom content
  • Implemented custom campaign structure


Started out spending just a few hundred per month, for the first 2 months working together. As results began to pile in, we doubled the budget each and every month for the next 6 months.

Spent $140,326.51 over 4 months

Reach – 1,067,942

Received thousands of website purchases.

ROAS – 12X

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