How to Create a Remarketing Campaign in Google Ads

When you’re looking to re-optimize your targeting and start a campaign differently, try doing a remarketing campaign.

Remarketing uses unique tracking codes to put cookies on the browsers of users visiting the targeted website. Ads are then shown to these users, especially when searching for specific things. It is the ideal component to add to any PPC campaign.

What Are Your Options?

The goal of remarketing is to guide users who have already been to your website or shown interest in the products to revisit the website. Some options that are available include:

  • Traditional remarketing: Show ads to past visitors as they surf websites on Display Network
  • Dynamic remarketing: Shows ads to past visitors of any products or services they have seen before
  • Mobile app remarketing: Shows ads to those who visited your mobile app or website on other apps and websites
  • Remarketing lists for search ads: Targets past visitors on the Search network, where you can customize search ads for these visitors specifically.

If you have no idea which option is ideal for you, reaching out to a Google Ads agency in New York might be in your best interest.

Getting Started With Codes

You might not need to update any codes when you already have a Google Analytics account. Changing settings as Admin may be all you need. To do so, simply go to Admin > Tracking Info > Data Collection. Toggle the Remarketing option.

A remarketing code from Analytics can help you establish remarketing lists based on concrete aims instead of pages visited. You can set up a code for people who have spent ten minutes on your website or visited three different pages on your website, and so on.

Creating Lists in Analytics

Any digital marketing agency in New York that you work with will inform you about the importance of lists in Analytics. Under the Admin section in Google Analytics, you will see a link named ‘audience definitions.’ Click on the new audience button from there and start your list.

Choose an Analytics profile to use with the list and the type of remarketing you want to opt for.

Choosing Your Membership

How long you would like to store a cookie on a user’s browser is determined through membership duration. You can choose any strategy you like, but keep in mind the goals of the campaign and your business when doing so. Cookies can be placed on a visitor’s browser for up to 540 days.

Looking to Get Started On A Remarketing Campaign? We Can Help

Whether you’re looking to do a Google Ads audit or a brand-new remarketing campaign, you need an agency that understands your needs. Our experts have been working on remarketing campaigns for various companies for years and know how to cater to your audience and business without compromising profitability.

Get in touch with us today by calling (212) 457-1554.

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