How to Generate Qualified Leads with Google Ads in 2022

Google Ads provides one of the most effective ways to reach your target customers and generate leads. Our Google Ads agency in New York can help you attain more qualified leads (those who are interested in what you have to offer and are more likely to convert into customers.)

Here are four tips to help you dominate Google Ads in 2022 and generate quality leads:

1. Use the Right Google Ad Campaigns

Many Google Ad campaign types can be effective for lead generation, but some are better than others. For example, Search campaigns are great for reaching potential customers who are actively searching for what you offer, while Display campaigns can help you reach a larger audience through banner and video ads.

•Search – Text ads that show up when people search for terms related to your products or services

•Display – Image, banner, and video ads that appear on websites or Gmail

•Shopping – Product ads or listings on Google

•Video – Video ads on YouTube and other websites

•App – App promotion on Google Play and other channels

•Smart – Simplified automated ads on Google and across the web

•Local –  Ads that show up for people searching near your business

•Discovery – Ads across Google’s feeds and products, including YouTube

Visit Google’s official support page to learn more about all of these types of campaigns.

However, which type of campaigns deliver high-quality leads and targeted traffic?

2. Keyword Targeting

Keywords act as the guiding light for your Google Ads account. When people are searching, it can let Google know which categories of queries you’d prefer to have your ads show up for. Keywords need to be assigned to a match type. The match types you can choose from:

Broad match: This is a broad type of match that can link your ad to any queries relating to your specific keyword.

Phrase match: This type of match is a bit restrictive, which matches your ads to queries relating to keywords.

Exact match: The most restrictive type of match. It matches your ads with keywords that are synonymous with the targeted keyword.

The experts at our digital marketing agency in New York suggest annotations are unnecessary for match types, as Google now has a drop-down option.

3. Be Geo-specific

Geo-tagging enables your ads to appear in specific geographical locations of your choice. You can choose entire countries, specific regions, or various location groups. It can be targeted to help increase your business revenue, so choose wisely.

You can successfully geo-tag through Google Ads location targeting to include and exclude locations of your choice. It would be best to consider where your consumers are mainly located, especially if you’re running an e-commerce store.

4. Your Landing Page is Powerful

When you’re trying to generate leads through Google Ads, it’s not only how and where you’re placing your ads that matters. Your ads need to have good design and engaging copy. Once users click on the ads, they can only be qualified leads once they stay on the website and purchase what is offered.

The landing page users are redirected to after clicking on specific ads matters just as much as your ads. When you don’t have engaging and interactive copy and design on the landing page, users can exit within three seconds.

Generate Qualified Leads with our Google Ads Services

Ensuring that you optimize your Google Ads to their fullest potential is essential in helping you get qualified leads. When you don’t take steps to make your Google Ads work for your business, you might be losing out on potential revenue and customers. You will need an expert to help you circumvent and manage your ads, so they work better for your needs.

Digital Marketing Agency in New York

Our Google Ads agency in New York can help you make your business more successful by generating qualified leads. Optimizing Google Ads is just the first step. Find out how we can take your Google Ads to the next level by contacting us!

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