The Top 5 Performing Facebook Ads in 2021

The majority of the world was in lockdown in 2021. During this time, social media platforms played a huge role in encouraging people to spend even more time at home. Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest platforms today, with a wide range of audiences. Whether your product is aimed at teenagers or the elderly, you’re sure to find them active on Facebook. If you’re looking for some inspiration on what kind of ads would have the highest return on investment and what can be ideal for your brand to try, here’s a look at some of the best ads released during 2021. Take some notes on the content, graphics, and ad format of the Top 5 Facebook Ads of 2021, so you can implement something similar for your next campaign!


Campaign Type: Video (Click to Call) Ad

When you’re looking for a realistic ad that shows real people using the product in their daily lives, take some inspiration from the Gymshark campaign. They utilized their ambassadors in a video ad and showed the high demand for their attire.

The ad showcases many Gymshark ambassadors fighting to get into line before a much-awaited release of Gymshark’s Black Friday sales. The video shows the excitement and anticipation that people associate with Black Friday. It’s very well edited, which makes it a delight to watch. 


Campaign Type: Image (Lead Generation) Ad

If you don’t know much about Slack, it’s a communication software that caters to businesses. Their ad is simple, crisp, and to the point. When you see their graphics, you don’t have to question the point of the ad or wonder what the service is. 

The Slack Facebook ad stands out so much because its branding can be seen in the ad without any hidden meanings. They use the same colors that they use in their logo, making it easier for people to associate it with the brand. It directs people to the problem, which is a lack of organized communication in the workplace, and shows them the solution (i.e., Slack).


Campaign Type: Image (Click to Call) Ad

While you may have heard of Sephora mainly because they carry a large range of personal and beauty care products, their ads are nothing to joke about either. They featured a very clean and crisp ad that only had their membership card as the graphic.

With creative copywriting, they kept the mystery alive by saying, ‘things are more beautiful on the inside.’ It made people wonder what was special about the membership card, which compelled them to get it. Advertising at its finest, you could say. 


Campaign Type: Lead (Click to Call) Ad

While no one needs an introduction to what Google is, there are many services that Google provides that you might be unaware of. Their ad for Grow with Google features a straightforward tagline that says, ‘Learn strategies to improve your resume.’

It instantly convinces people to click on the ad because they’re informing the audience what they will get (a free virtual workshop) and how they can benefit (better resumes).


Campaign Type: Carousel (Lead Generation, Click to Call) Ad

When you’re looking for fun ads that not only make people laugh but make them curious about your service as well, take a note from Squarespace. They featured a very targeted line, ‘Make your website happen before someone else does.’ 

It immediately makes the person think about their losing chances and prompts them to immediately hop on the service before someone else snatches their idea. It prompts people to act quickly while driving traffic to SquareSpace.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the Top Facebook Ads of 2021! As always, we’re here to help with any of your digital marketing. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the campaigns we’re running for our clients!

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