Google Ads: You’re Doing it Wrong. Tips on How to do it Right

Digital marketing during the coronavirus was something that even the most experienced marketers had to grapple with. Marketing strategies for companies were upended, and calendars that had been meticulously crafted to emphasize corporate milestones were no longer operative as the world dealt with the most severe outbreak of an airborne pathogen since the pandemic of 1918. However, those marketers with digital savvy knew how to quickly pivot their brands and respond to the needs of their consumers. One of the tools they used during the pandemic to pursue an effective marketing strategy and that still holds its relevance today is Google ads.

It’s easy to enter a few words you think are relevant to your digital marketing strategy, set a budget, and walk away. But that often does not yield the same kind of results as dialing in on a crisp strategy that will help ensure your business gets in front of the consumers who will buy your products reliably.

  • Choose your keywords carefully: keywords are vital to the success of a digital marketing strategy. Reaching the right customers is now both easier – given the ubiquity of the internet for online commerce – and more difficult given that this marketplace is sometimes overcrowded in business’ competition for attention. If marketing during a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that targeted outreach in the right places and to the right customers can help keep your business afloat – and even thriving – during a difficult time for others.
  • Adjust bids with geotargeting in mind: one of the benefits of digital media is that you’ll be able to target the right customers in the right areas. One of the great marketing strategies that your business can employ is to adjust bids with geotargeting in mind. If you have a local brick-and-mortar store, targeting customers who live close to your business is a smart way to employ geotargeting. Even if your wares are online-only, digital marketing during the coronavirus demonstrated that you can still geotarget to parts of the country that would find your product useful – gloves during the winter, or a New York Yankees baseball cap in the New York City area – in a way that will help boost sales.
  • Think of Google Ads as an investment, not a marketing tool: a company opting to boost its sales can take many forms. Some open new stores, others rebrand, and still others introduce a new product line. One of the great marketing strategies for any business is tailored advertising that will drive a current or future customer to make a purchase, thereby growing the business and ensuring the advertising pays for itself.

Google Ads are a powerful tool that demonstrates the advantages of digital marketing for businesses large and small alike. While marketing during the pandemic certainly took a shift toward digital, it seems that this trend is here to stay even when we return to a new normal.

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