What Impact Could Coronavirus Have on Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Advantage 

You would think anything having to do with the internet would be immune from being affected by coronavirus, because it doesn’t require face-to-face contact. Yet questions still arise: can coronavirus alter the online marketing industry, and for how long? Find out how the industry could be impacted, and how you should alter your digital marketing strategy in relation to the pandemic.

  • E-Commerce May Benefit: If you haven’t noticed already, your favorite brick and mortar stores may be looking more empty than usual. This includes restaurants, shopping malls, local businesses, etc. Where do you think all of that business is going? People are staying home because they’re paranoid, quarantined or mandated to work-from-home by their jobs – and now they have to figure out how to get their necessities. This means that digital marketers could have more customers to compete for, especially new customers who aren’t accustomed to online shopping. If you’re the one who introduces them to the ease of buying necessities, groceries, cleaning supplies and more online, they could become long-term customers lasting beyond the virus. 
  • Send the Right Message: Bots and content sites seem to be popping up in an attempt to take advantage of people’s panic. Don’t be like them! The right message at the right time will have more meaning. People will deeply appreciate authenticity instead of gimmicks and pandering to their fears. Fear-mongering doesn’t create trust in any environment – don’t try using it in your digital marketing strategy.
  • Certain Niches Will be Noticeably Impacted: When there is widespread economic downturn and/or a widespread health issue, some niches in particular will noticeably benefit or suffer. Travel is obviously suffering right now, especially airplane and international travel. If you are marketing in travel, try to encourage consumers to think past the current situation. Appeal to thought of a brighter future, when this will no longer be a constant fear dominating news headlines. However, the pharma/healthcare and vices (alcohol, etc.) industries seem to grow during times like these, so if you’ve been wanting to break into these niches – it may be a good time. 
  • Address the Issues: Transparency will always garner a more positive response. Brands should start thinking about how they can leverage their marketing to address issues caused by COVID-19. Issues including store closures, and explaining precautionary measures that are being taken to ensure the health and safety of customers. Having a great customer service and e-commerce experience is imperative during times like this.

And if you’re having trouble managing these tricky circumstances, we’re always here to help. Contact us anytime for digital marketing advice and guidance.