Waxy Flower-B2B

Waxy Flower B2B What they wanted: Although they are a fairly established B2B brand, Waxy Flower was seeing nothing but negative ROI’s across all their marketing channels. Their top performing

Valrhona Chocolate-National Brand

Valrhona Chocolate National Brand What they wanted: As an established European brand, Valrhona wanted to make a dent in the US market, where their following was already beginning to grow.

Delta children-National Brand

delta children National Brand What they wanted: Delta Children was looking to expand their D2C strategy, they had already been running ads on multiple social media platforms and Google Ads,

Ken Lehat-B2B

Ken Lehat B2B What they wanted: Ken Lehat had been running Google Ads for years, but always noticed 2 things, first that he wasn’t getting enough leads, second, that when

Frank’s Shanks-Ecommerce

Frank’s Shanks E-COMMERCE What they wanted: Frank’s Shanks had invested a lot of money in setting up their operation for this fairly new business. They since had practically 0 sales

Medical Ear Piercing-Health

Medical Ear Piercing HEALTH What they wanted: With locations across New York and New Jersey, MEP needed a high volume of leads for an affordable price. The main challenge they

New Hyde Park Dental-Health Dentist

New Hyde Park Dental Health- Dentist What they wanted: Simply put, new patients. Like most dental practices, they have been heavily targeted by digital marketing agencies over the years that


Enerclix SAAS What they wanted: Since Enerclix is not just a SAAS company, but also a super targeted one with a relatively small market of potential customers, getting in front

Customers Kitchen and Bath-Retail

Customers Kitchen and bath Retail What they wanted: This client wanted store traffic to their already busy store. They had tried advertising in the past, mostly through organic social posting

Karako Suits-Retail & Ecommerce

Karako Suits Retail & E-Commerce What they wanted: Karako Suits had worked with many Digital Marketing Agencies in the past that tried to drive traffic to both their stores and

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